About Us

Your Reliable Source for Premium Wooden Pallets

Leading the Way in Reconditioned Wooden Pallet Solutions

Established in the early 2000s, TW Pallets Thurrock LTD is a leading wooden pallet company specialising in reconditioned pallets, pallet repairs and waste management.

Our customer base covers all sectors from transport and distribution, including independent local businesses across the UK.

Optimising Pallet Lifespan

We pride ourselves on our meticulous sorting process, ensuring that each pallet meets our high-quality standards for reuse. Our dedicated team of trained professionals expertly fixes broken pallets, restoring them to optimal condition.

With a commitment to sustainability, we minimise wood waste by recycling unsuitable pallets and using their resources to repair others. 

At TW Pallets Thurrock LTD, we strive to reduce waste and provide cost-effective solutions for your pallet needs. We prioritise our customers, delivering exceptional service and striving to meet their specific requirements. 

We operate from a site based in West Thurrock, Essex. We are located a short distance from the M25 junction 31.